TSFI Iftar Event

It was such a wonderful evening on Wednesday 22nd of May when people from different backgrounds who live in direct provision came together again for iftar & Taraweeh in the blessed month of Ramadan assisted by other people from different backgrounds, in particular, our Irish brothers & sisters with cooperation of Tallaght Mosque, Bridging the Gap & Tasnuva Shamim Foundation

It was amazing when we all met last week after we were informed that a number of Muslim people who lived in the hotel under a direct provision in Wicklow have no opportunity to meet other Muslims for iftar & Taraweeh. With the help of many wonderful Irish people from the local & Bridging the Gap organisation, we decided together it would be wonderful to organise it again for the second time to transport & drive them from Wicklow & Gorey to Tallaght mosque on Wednesday 22nd May to open their fast & pray Taraweeh Ramadan prayer.

People living direct provision who joined us were a mixed cultural background from Somalia, Syria, Congo, Pakistan & Afghanistan. They were thrilled at the end of the evening, which was our goal. It was incredible energy at Iftar time when everyone enjoyed the food & the chit-chat afterwards. Many of them said they do not have more often a chance to go outside of where they are living due to the transport cost.

We would like to give a huge thanks to Bernie (Bridge the Gap) and Aisling from Tallaghf for giving up their time in helping bring our guest from Wicklow & Courtown to Tallaght, and for Sr.Seham TSFI member for meeting & warmly welcoming the group at Tallaght Mosque when they arrived. We want to thank Brother Shazad & Brother Asghar TSFI member for dropping them back. We would also like to thank Tallaght mosque director Sheikh Saleem and the Imam at Tallaght mosque Imam Ayman.

It was a beautiful night where everyone left with a big smile looking forward to seeing each other again soon for another brilliant iftar together.


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