These are the heroes with the passion to transform their communities


Director and Chairman

— Shamim Ahmad

Founder of Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland. Shamim was a restaurant owner prior to Tasnuva being born. After the passing of Tasnuva’s twin and with Tasnuva illness, Shamim dedicated his life to taking care of his family and helping his community. He enjoys cooking curries for the homeless every Friday evening.

Academically, a graduate in International Tourism Management and Consultancy (ITMC), BBA, Computer Applications and completed SNA ( Special Needs Assistants) Course. He is trained in special need assistance and did part of his training with St Michael Special Need School. His passion is helping people, with a simple goal that is to bring a smile in the people face. 


— Asghar Butt

Educated in Engineering at Leeds, England. After worked in the Engineering field for over 7 years, he decided on a career and location change by moving from Manchester to Dublin to start a business venture.

He has valuable experience with organisations, business practices & people. Being passionate and driven by a need to help those in society who are less fortunate than others, in addition to being able to assist them directly has guided him to continue working within this organisation.


— Peter Casey

Prior to his retirement, Peter was a teacher for adults classes in Modern Irish. Academically, he is a graduate from Trinity College Dublin in Early and Modern Irish.


— Syed Saidul Islam

Saidul has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Political Science. He is well known by his community as an honest and helpful person, kind natured & always willing to help. Currently, he works as a Store Manager in Clontarf.

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